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There is Something Greater

Ericka James

Aug 6, 2023

We serve the God of the impossible. Our Kingdom assignment is to display the works of God on the earth. Obedience to the things of God will bring unprecedented breakthrough because there is always something greater God is calling us to. Take advantage of the open heaven that Jesus has made available. Through you, people will see Jesus is we are faithful to the Kingdom life He has called us to. **Step 1: Believe** you have a book of life because you are chosen and loved by God. This is your identity in Jesus. You are significant to God. **Step 2:** **Prepare** yourself for access to the mysteries and wisdom of Heaven. Purify your heart, maintain a clean soul, and come into a sound mind. The spiritual war has been fought and won by Jesus. Hold the faith and keep a good conscience before God. Be steadfast in faith. **Step 3: Ask and command **from a place of already having received it from God. Use your authority over the schemes of the devil and over what God has already given you charge over. **Step 4: Act** on the instruction of the Lord. He has spoken through His word and continues to lead us through the Holy Spirit. Faith without works is dead. Nothing and no-one is holding you back. **Step 5: Persist** and let us not grow weary of doing good. We have become co-creators with God for HIs great harvest.