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He's Knocking at Your Door

Jess Ninaber

Aug 14, 2022

God is knocking and we get to step out in faithful obedience to answer Him. Jess Ninaber teaches us that when we have a heart posture of trust and rest through the obedience, opportunity comes! Many of you may already be aware that this past Sunday we experienced some equipment failure in our sound console. As a result, there will only be a podcast available this week. If you were unable to attend in person, it’s worth the listen! Days like this past Sunday are beautiful reminders that WE are the church. Gathering on Sunday is so much more than a service, it’s a gathering of a family, a community of believers who are passionately pursuing God together and lifting one another up in prayer and words of encouragement. Thank you for being such an amazing church family of worshippers! May the Lord reign in our homes and hearts.