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God's Blank Canvas

God is a creator and we are made in His image! We are natural born CREATIVES in some sort of capacity! Meant to bring light, life and connections through our God given gifts and talents. God's Blank Canvas will be an evening where Christian Creatives of all genres and cultures will get together, focusing on having organic and genuine encounters with God and each other. Deadline to register to PERFORM is June 14th so please don't wait! (We will inform all artist what the theme is and discuss additional details after registration.) And of course if you would like to just come out, support, have a good time and be inspired...we can't wait to see you there! We ask that only those 16yrs or older attend this event in order for our attendees to hear and receive freely without distraction. We can't wait to hear and see, what God wants to paint!!!

June 28th