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Revival 30: The Commissioning

In 1994, God poured out His spirit in an unprecedented way in a small church in Toronto. In the years following, over a million people traveled from all over the earth to gather and experience the encountering presence of God. This conference, REVIVAL 30 commemorates the anniversary of the Toronto Revival. “The Commissioning” theme represents a pivotal transition from gathering to scattering, embodying the essence of the Great Commission. It signifies that we are both coming together to encounter Jesus and embracing our mission to be sent by Him. The Commissioning signifies the sending of church planters, the establishment of churches and ministries, and the transformation happening in cities across the globe. Join us at REVIVAL30: The Commissioning as we celebrate the past, embrace our calling, and look forward to a future marked by revival and impact. Together, let's ignite a passion for Jesus and be commissioned to bring His transformative love and power to every corner of the earth.

January 17th - January 20th

7 PM