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Passion for the City

Our community hungers for relationship. The Church is on a mission to follow Jesus. That’s our hunger. That’s our desire. This class will actively inspire a passionate love for all people so that lasting change and transformation can take place. How do we do that? We learn from the one who is “Love” and gives love. Without Him we have nothing to give. As we commune with Him in our city, we discover that the table of the Lord is big enough for all of us and our hunger is satisfied. Passion for the City is a 4-week class and conversation about what it means to bring the Kingdom of God to the people and places in our city that are crying out for an encounter. In this class we will: -Define the Gospel -Discover the Gospel’s transforming power in our own story. -Hold a mirror up to the book of Jonah. What we can learn from Old Testament’s worst and also most successful Evangelist. -Discuss practical tools and tips on how to approach and talk with people. -Have a time of prophetic activation and practice. Starting Wednesday, April 5th 7-8:30pm and going on each Wednesday through the month of April.

April 5th

7 PM