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BLOOM - Created For Purpose We are set apart, new creations, fashioned by love for love, breathed to life, destined for greatness, and created for purpose. God is doing something within His Church across the earth. He is reminding her of her calling: to love Him and to love one another, to remember what she was created for and to walk this calling out, by bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. How will our lives, relationships, and everything we put our hands to, be transformed when we fully connect to the calling and purpose in which we were created? Join us on June 2nd & 3rd for a powerful time of worship, equipping, teaching, and impartation as we press in for more of God and His presence. We will be joined by Special Guest, Katia Adams. Katia is an author, preacher, and the founding pastor of The Table Boston. She is the author of Equal and creator of the Her Voice online preaching course for women and with her husband, Julian, directs Frequentsee Inc. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE Friday, June 2nd 7:00 PM - Session 1 Saturday, June 3rd 10:00 AM - Session 2 1:30 PM - Session 3 7:00 PM - Session 4

June 2nd and 3rd