Your generosity is making it possible for more people to encounter God’s transforming presence.

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Other Ways to Give

Qualified Charitable Distribution

QCDs are a great option for donors 70 years of age or older who must meet a required minimum distribution for their IRA. 

Stock Transfers

If you need help or have any questions about online giving through a stock transfer please email the Finance Office at [email protected]


As Cryptocurrency becomes a more common payment method, we have partnered with Engiven to offer this option for donors to donate their cryptocurrency. 


Text giving uses industry leading security to protect your personal information, and is never charged to your phone bill. 

Text your tithe amount to 84321

Login to your profile and setup payment method (one-time)

To give subsequent gifts, text "amount" to 84321

giving at catch the fire

What is the best way to give electronically so the church gets the maximum amount from my gift?

We use Planning Center Giving for fast, secure online giving.

Bank Transfers (ACH): $0.25 per gift
Credit or Debit Cards: 2.15% +$0.30 per gift

Which giving option should I choose?

The Tithes & Offerings giving option is our general operating fund that is used to finance the ongoing operations of the church. We encourage contributors to give their Biblical tithe and offerings to this fund throughout the year. 

Donations to other funds are used to support the ministries and missionaries named in the funds.

What is the benefit of setting up recurring giving for my tithe?

Your generosity builds the local church, so if you are ever out of town or forget to give, you can be confident that you are still giving.

What is the deadline for annual giving contributions?

Cash and check donations received or postmarked by December 31st and online transactions initiated by 11:59 EST on December 31st will be included your annual giving statement. 

What is corporate matching?

Some companies will match their employees up to a certain amount with their gifts to a nonprofit organization. Reach out to the HR team at your workplace to see if your company will match your giving to Catch The Fire. Contact [email protected] for more information or questions.

Will I received a giving statement?

Yes, we will provide you a giving statement in the beginning the year. Our ability to do so requires us to have the most up-to-date contact information. Please be sure to update it here.