2021 Prophetic Words


  1. Philippians 3: 7-14. Similar to what Paul is saying, I feel CTF must press on to “lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has laid hold of me.” And “I press towards the goal for the prize of the upward call…”. Upward focused. As long as we focus on Jesus, there will be no end to the glory Jesus will pour down on this place. 

I believe CTF has become too comfortable with too little. There is more. Awake out of a slumber and “press on” for the more the Father has. It starts with the centrality of pressing into intimacy with Jesus and the Bridal call we have as a movement. 

  1. I believe it’s time to press in for more miracles. The miraculous has not been operating in CTF like it could be. I’m having a sense of a kind of groaning for more miracles. The sick healed, miraculous provision, extraordinary miracles like we have seen in this movement in times past. But what is coming is more than the past. But we must take more risks in this department as the Lord leads. Praying for the sick in meetings and expecting the Holy Spirit to do extraordinary things. He wants to!!!
  2. Church Plants – the Lord will explode church planting. There is a need to get ready for this. Many are getting dreams or impressions to church plant. They will be blessed and grow quickly. Even now there is San Diego, Nashville, Tampa Bay, Sherbrooke, London (On), Calgary, Vancouver at various stages of starting (and I’m sure more I haven’t listed) but watch what the Lord will do. That number will triple in 18 months. There is the need to streamline the process to plant and let the breath of God breathe on these plants.  I keep feeling CTF will also plant in Israel but I don’t know when. 

There are 2 revivals that will be highlighted in the next couple of years- the Civil War revival (we will see a revival from the left and from the right). Also, Azusa street. An African American man who was humble and revival broke out. Watch the African American church arise. 

She had a dream and we were all working together for the same goal. If we can not shoot at each other, He can bring unity. We are all working towards the same goal. 


  • Worship through the warfare. 
  • prophesy through the pain (hear God)
  • humility through the honoring (the wealth of the world is coming to the church.) God is elevating to positions but humility is crucial. 

We need to learn from the persecuted church. We don’t always need to express an opinion. There is going to be a move of glory. Worship and community is important.


As I was in worship, I saw second heaven. He set it up so that our prayers actually provide an impenetrable realm around the earth. The Lord said we have gotten out of order.

2021 is a year of SEPARATION and ORDER. It is a year of awakening and Kingdom positioning. It is a year of great challenge alongside great triumph. 

This is a year of completion for those things I have brought you to work on for the last 2-3 years. 

My Beloved, I am most excited about my order ruling and reigning in the earth. Yes, I have shaken things up this year for my glory. For my order. In order to bring this order, I must separate. This year is about separation of the wheat from the tare, the light from the darkness, the believers from those who are not trusting and heeding my word, the lovers from those who feel outside of love and those that carry my Kingdom word and heart from those who do not.

It will be a year of increase and devastation coexisting alongside each other. One will be occurring in the world, the other will be occurring in the Kingdom. 

In other words: There are 2 dimensions that lay side by side. We can be a Christian in either- lack and darkness or plenty and light. For those of us who are asking questions, he will provide a bridge from the lack to the plenty. This is a year of separation from the light from the dark. It is not the time to quit. Stand and look inward and upward. It is a year for my sleeping giants to awaken and take their place in my order in the earth. It will be a year of restoration for those I have allowed to be stripped. It will be a year of pruning for many so they can seek and find my purpose for their lives. When we know who we are in the Lord, we do not look to the world for any title, identity, (whether political party or single or married.) Bride is our only title. We must seek Him. He will be releasing light like never before.As for angelic wisdom that He is sending from on high.

This is a year NOT to quit. Keep building. Keep striving. Keep working to move into complete obedience in my will and my way. I have exposed the woes (sorrows) in order to bring forth my light of the Kingdom into the hearts of man.

There are two different dimensions in which we will see much movement this year. My Kingdom citizens – those who truly understand that their identity is in me and not in the world – will continue to rise and have the resources, support, insights and revelation they need to continue to move to new heights of joy, influence and power. There are two realms. We need to pray for our identity. So as we see the realms. Some will experience lack, and some will experience plenty. It will continue this year. Pray for kingdom strategies. This is not the year to stop the things He has been telling you to do or putting on your heart (whether writing a book or doing a podcast or whatever). He has created technology to unite the kingdom like never before. He has spoken to us in the quiet places. He is bringing his order into the earth. 

There has been an intermingling of my truth with the world’s darkness and for this I am not pleased. I will be continuing to expose this darkness. I will no longer allow darkness to prevail in the hearts of man. Especially my chosen.

It is time for me to separate [the Lord showed me Matthew 10: 34 – 39]. Not divide (that is of darkness and not of my design), but to separate those I have called and who have responded for such a time and this and those who have not. The purpose of this separation is so I know in whose hands I can trust releasing my bounty.

I have allowed the way to be cleared so we can see inside of our hearts and souls like never before. All have come into exposure and has been revealed. This year is the finishing of this work so my order can come into full manifestation.

I am turning my children away from greed, materialism, disobedience, earthy politics, darkness, division, anger, competition and covetousness. I am causing all of these things to fall away so my children can get back to the power and gift of my presence. I will cause more people than ever to seek me out. This has begun quietly in the presence of their homes and prayer closets and will burst forth into the worship center about mid-way through the year. I am giving my worship centers time to get things in order and put the souls of my children above all else. Those who have resisted my call and who have chosen not to do the work of the heart and soul that I have been urging them to do will have a very different experience. [He is showing me the turnabout that He showed me a year or two ago]. We are still in the process of the separation of light from darkness. This is no time for mixture. I am purifying my saints to rise up and take their rightful and ordained positions all over the world. When hospitals are full, they will turn to the church. 

The false prophets are being exposed (see Matthew 7:15 – 20) and they will expose and illuminate the elect that has become deceived. In the United States, I have used the government to expose this as I have around the world. I am bringing forth a new guard of my prophets to bring the next words to my people and to the world. Brace yourselves. There is still much turmoil to come this year. Keep your eyes on me. Keep your heart in mind. Keep your ears tuned to me and my voice. Heed the call I am placing on you to spend more time in my presence. I have much to share with you.

This is a time to be in the world but not of it. Remember who you are. 

It is time for my giants to AWAKEN. Sleeping giants RISE. Awaken to the power I have placed within you. Awaken to the power of death and life that lives in your tongue. Awaken to the Kingdom wealth I have stored up for you. Awaken to being delivered from the darkness of the world and your past experiences. Awaken to the healing power I have placed in your hands. Awaken to the immutable power of my love and joy. Awaken to the peace that passes all understanding. Awaken to the revelation of my heart and mind that I am releasing into the earth. Awaken to those I have chosen to rule and reign in my government structure. Awaken to all that I have placed within you and all my Son gave his life for so you can access my glory and abundance.

In other words: Everyone is called to a five fold position in the marketplace and if we don’t know what it is, we can ask Him. Arise. Wake up, giants. Awake into the power of joy, into the peace, into the revelation of His heart and mind. The prayers this year are to release revelation with holy boldness. The Lord says we need no position or man’s permission to be who God created you to be. This is the year of fearlessness and asking kingdom questions so we can wake up our kingdom citizenship. We need to know how to heal and how to deliver. You are called to more (not lack). It lives in the questions you release to the Father by your tongue. Ask Him Kingdom questions and it is His heart to give heavenly answers.

Arise, awaken, be separated. Get the darkness out of you. God says “Let’s do this!”

I am bringing my government into the earth. I am bringing down the government of man that even my beloved have fallen in line with to put in place and power my government of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers all over the world. The power of my government will supersede the power of man’s government.

The guard is continuing to change. There will be an increase in the number of hidden masters I will be bringing to the forefront of every area of ministry and the marketplace. New leaders that I have chosen will continue to emerge fully mature and ready and equipped to take on the challenges and bring order to every area around the globe. I will continue to highlight those who have been the most vulnerable and unfairly discriminated against. This is not my heart or will and it will come into more exposure and order this year. These inequities will be revealed so I can bring correction and redemption so the unity of my Kingdom shall come forth.

Know that my promises still stand and you can experience joy in the midst of all I am shaking up in this season. Know that my greatness will emerge out of this shaking unlike anything the world has yet seen. Even the writings in my scripture cannot fully prepare you all for the inundation of light (and therefore, the continued exposure of darkness) that I am bringing into the earth realm.

I am sending it forth on the wings of my angels. I am sending my angels of the highest ranks into the earth’s atmosphere for the first time since antiquity. There will be a great increase of angelic sightings and experiences even for those who do not consider themselves believers of mine. 

The pouring forth of my revelation will continue in greater and greater measure. Those with whom I am sharing it with will come forth from all directions bringing my words. Listen. It is me who is speaking.

My Kingdom is THE answer to all of the sickness, disease and lack that will be seen this year. Be encouraged for I have left the way and the answers for this season just as I do in all other seasons and times.

I am extending grace to those who did not heed the call of getting their storehouses (savings and building up of provisions) in place. I am extending this grace for one more year to give you time to get this in order. It is of more critical importance for the world will be entering into a time not only of increased sickness and disease but lack and famine.

I am continuing to release the wealth that has been stored up by the wicked into the hands of my Beloved in larger forms this year. Currency, land, resources, real estate, business and many other forms.

I have cleared out my church. Those who have caused division and hurdles will not return and those who love me will return and prevail and carry my glory throughout this season. My church will rise and takes its place to lead and influence all people, setting the example of what my love looks like. 

Do not look to the left or to the right of you this year. Stay focused upward and inward on me and me alone. Heed my words and seek my presence and I will keep you protected and unharmed from the wrath that will be moving around you. It is necessary to continue breaking down the structures that I did not build in order to replace them with those that are built by me and for me. Remain focused on me [the Lord is showing me that we are to look into his eyes and not at the world]. Visit with me frequently as I desire to release more and more revelation into the earth.

I have removed and pulled down the walls of the church. Share the messages and revelations I have been bringing you with others. Harness the power of technology for the purpose for which I had it created – for the spreading of my Kingdom like wildfire around the world. Speak up. This is NOT the time to be quiet and hold back your love and power. This is the time to speak out and take a stand for the realm of light.

This is a year to MOVE. Move on the things I am instructing you. I am extending grace to those who have not moved with the past instructions I have given you. Move or I must recalibrate and reorchestrate those who will move in obedience. 

I will continue to bring families together in love. And expose those in families who are causing division.

This is a time for equipping and empowering the saints in deliverance and healing for the time has come when hospitals will no longer be able to treat all who are sick. They will run to the church this year for my healing miracles, which I have released and will manifest for my glory.


The Lord has been preparing his people…let those who have ears, let them hear!

Matthew 13:9.

What we have experienced in 2020 has been an awakening of a new era, but it is just the beginning.  Last year we were told would be a year of reset but little did we know the depth or dynamics of this reset. We now understand in a new way how fast things can change. Take note of these lessons for the future. We are going to need it. Life as we have known it in the past has been altered as never before and there is no going back. Abnormal is the new normal. The stage is being set for the billion soul harvest and we are right here in the middle of it! There has never been a time in history like this! 

What we have experienced so far will seem minor compared to what is coming. What lessons have you learned so far? Take some time to reflect on this because you will need them again. Allow yourself to begin to prepare for more difficult times in the future and do not be lured into a place of complacency. The Lord has allowed us to be woken up from complacency.

2021 will be a year of emotional rest and rejuvenation but it will not begin to be fully revealed for 6 more months. It will be a year to once again find our bearings and take a breath. If you look at the world and it’s events and activities it will seem as though we are in desperate times. Keep your eyes on the Lord, not on what we see in the world, however because he has a different plan and a different strategy. You must not take your guidance from the world but you must take your guidance from the Lord. Be careful not to look at things on the outside as real truth but be willing to ask the Holy Spirit what is really going on? Spend time with the Lord, ask questions, and know that He loves you and is in control.

2021 will be a year of “reboot” and things will begin to take off for you. This will be a year of opportunity and fresh starts. In the middle of what seem to be desperate times will be opportunities to prosper. New opportunities will present themselves most likely ones that are different from the ones you have known or experienced in the past. It would be easy to push those aside and say “maybe” but be willing to take these things to the Lord and ask for His insight. There will be money to be made and ground to be broken for new business ventures and for new ministry opportunities if you’re willing to think outside of the box. You may find yourself involved in areas you had never imagined before. Keep an open mind! 

Corruption in government, business, media, and law has been exposed to a degree we have not known in our lifetimes. This is only the tip of the iceberg and we can expect to see continued exposure of this corruption. The Lord desires justice and will move in our behalf as we are willing and committed to praying for our nation and for His justice. The Lord is not surprised by what has come to light…He has known it all along. It has been revealed in greater measure because the Body of Christ has been willing to humble itself and ask for forgiveness for the many times we have turned a blind eye. As we continue to call on the Lord for help and truth He will be faithful to bring about redemption to those areas of life.

“Seek the Lord while He may be found; call upon Him while he is near. “ Is. 55:6

As a body of believers, we have been made even more aware that the church is not a building and we have been stretched to find new ways of relating to each other. Satan has desired to see the body separated, isolated and divided. He has attempted to bring about hopelessness and despair. This is NOT what’s happening. The Lord is drawing His people together as never before to find fellowship with Him and each other in new ways.

We must ask Him what our “new normal” is to look like and be willing to change. As we purpose to seek Him, pray and intercede we draw closer to the Lord and understand His purposes. A deeper level of intimacy will allow us to hear His voice more clearly and allow us to understand what we are being called to right now. This is a time to be encouraged, excited, and engaged as we have the opportunity to go deep with the Lord and experience His presence as never before! “What the enemy has meant for evil… God has meant for your good!” Gen 50:20. The Lord’s greatest miracles are usually manifested in times of the worst testing. In Acts 4, Peter and John just got out of prison and everything was shaking around them. They didn’t ask the Lord to stop the shaking, they asked for more of the Holy Spirit. As we continue to seek a deeper relationship with the Lord we will begin to operate in greater measures of freedom, intimacy, revelation, and power.

“Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”


2020 was a wake-up call. There are still many who are asleep!! Be prepared in 2021!!

There will be a higher level of persecution of the church in America.  Count it joy when you go through trials because in them you grow in me. Those who are sold out to me and only me will prevail in this season.  Those that have their toe in the water of my Spirit are lukewarm and will fall away. Don’t be surprised.  Even my disciples that walked with me turned away from me when persecution came. Stay awake. Do not sleep or take a nap.  When I asked my disciples to pray they went to sleep.  Pray, stay alert, and be prepared.  My bride will shine in the face of darkness!

Season of Messy warfare:  This means there may be casualties in the war ahead…many of my children are walking away from the church.

Fresh encounters and continued hunger for His word 

Those who have a hunger will be in a season of preparation for the upcoming harvest.  Prophetic theological schools will emerge. And we’ve heard that in 2020 and He wanted to reiterate that for 2021

Seek His Face

2 Chron. 7:14  If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and SEEK MY FACE and turn from wicked ways then they will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  • Those who earnestly seek my face in 2021 will receive heavenly strategies:  The Lord will continue to give strategic blueprints for prayer in 2021. There is a fresh fire being released for spiritual warfare.  As you pray with this fresh fire, a new level of holy bravery will fall on God’s people.  This bravery will be established so my children will have the courage to walk in their authority. 
  • Press in to Him in 2021 and you will receive a  realignment in your heavenly equilibrium those that have had there equilibrium shaken by COVID, election and civil unrest the Lord wants to heal in 2021. We are going to step into the Holy Spirit. If we hang onto Jesus, the world will stop spinning. 

The Lord will continue to expose evil and deception in 2021

The Lord showed me a dark room that is used to develop film. As the film was exposed you could see the full picture. We see in part and know in part. The Lord says I will expose what’s in the dark and you will see what has been in the dark.  I will deal with wickedness. 

He will expose the twisted root in government and hidden sin lives of believers.  He will lavish those with repentant hearts with His love and bring them to Him for redemption.


2021 is a time of  continued preparation for the incoming wave of my presence. This wave is not like any other wave you have seen.  The color, size and shape of the wave is unique to human kind.  It is not unique to me for I have written it in my book since the beginning of time. 

When my children are standing on the shoreline you can feel the waves come in and out on your feet.  When the wave goes out, your feet begin to sink in the sand.  It feels a bit uncomfortable as you watch your feet begin to disappear.  In this season, many people feel like they are sinking in the sand. Whatever you do, don’t look at your feet!! Look to me!  There is a new wave of my glory coming that will sweep you off your earthly feet into my presence!  When the next wave of my presence is released on the earth, you will be overwhelmed with my goodness!  Trust me in this season.  I am not withholding from you.   

Know your hand in 2021

I saw a vision with someone with a hand of cards 

The Lord said, Know your hand in 2021. Play your cards right.  The Lord will show you what to lay down and what to pick up. 


Stop reenacting the same show.  Stop doing the same performance.  Behold, I do a new thing. I am dismantling those who have used my name for their own gain.  I am not a puppet.  In 2021 the reenactment will begin to cease for I am stopping the show.


ARISE & SHINE- Isaiah 60

God has been speaking to me that for 2021, ARISE AND SHINE. He’s calling the Davids out of their caves and the Daniels out of their prisons. I hear him saying, ARISE AND COME OUT! This is a season to step out, step out, step out. I hear him saying, Isaiah 60: ARISE and Shine your light has come. Behold with boldness, your victorious, Risen King, the eternal one, who sits on the throne, and remind yourselves of whose you are and who HE is in you. Receive and be baptized fresh and new with POWER from on high, from HIM who gives without limit or restraint his very own HOLY SPIRIT. He is offering new mantles. I hear him saying, put on your armor and sharpen your swords, the word of truth. Return to purity and allow the Lord to pierce you with a burning passion for HIM and his holiness. In humility, consecrate yourselves for your higher calling. This is not a season to back down. This is a season to kneel down and spring forward. We are the victorious church, who overcomes by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Come out of your caves, you who have been in hiding, you who have faced conflict and defeat, and meet your undefeatable Risen Victorious Conqueror King. The Lord Himself will minister to you and pour his holy oil on your wounds. Let him anoint you with his holy oil that you may burn and shine brighter and brighter. It is a light that will not go out. Rise and Shine. LOOK UP and COME OUT of your caves and step out of the Prisons that have no walls. For the Lord is calling forth his army to Awaken, Arise and Shine. The enemy’s chaos and earth’s chatter shall not be a setback, but like a sling shot, setbacks shall become a set up to spring us far forward, further into our callings. Our champion king is calling us to rise up, encounter his love, and shine. He’s releasing a new boldness to speak and stand on his word of truth. Higher and sharper revelation and understanding. Those who walk closely with Him will shift and shake in the midst of Chaos, we will still have his peace, and take on new territories especially in business and social media. For those who ask, he’s releasing divine and radical strategies to problem solve with heaven-meets-earth results. Stop looking behind and don’t look to the right or left. Here He is, and NOW is the time, Behold HIS light shining before us unto our feet. And this is the new season and it is a season to walk on water. Our miracle maker is making new waves and new wine out of the old, sunken places where our vineyards and grapes have felt trampled. So come out of your caves, put on the new, and TASTE new wine and see what the Lord has done and will do: THROUGH YOU!

Isaiah 60: “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. 2 See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you. 3 Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.”


For the past 3 months, I have been hearing FAITH and FIRE.

As political events and the pandemic have brought much confusion and chaos I hear the Holy Spirit saying that the shaking I have brought to the church and the nations is for PURPOSE. Our view of CHAOS is the Lord’s plan to bring about a shaking and a pruning..

John 15:2 pruning into greater fruitfulness.

No longer do we measure our success in the way that we have done before;  More and more we begin to rely on God and his Holy Spirit to lead us into what is successful for a life and for our church.

We are being called to go back to the beginning where we become men and women of faith in all that we do that we like the New Testament believers who believed God for the supernatural to break and into every part of their lives and our gatherings. This was their marker of success.

We must return to the fire of God and keep the fire burning on the altar. The world’s events has caused us to run away in fear and not faith and to begin to allow the zeal and the passion of the Holy Spirit’s fire to grow dimmer. We have sought answers in the wrong places but now is an intentional turning to God for our nation’s problems.

But the father said it’s not time to retreat it’s actually time to increase our faith and to increase our actions of faith and to stoke  up the fire so we step back into our calling as a local church and a regional place of revival again for the nations.

I see the father wanting to set fire to our lives and marking us by faith and fire. Somethings in fire will have to burn away and be purified away from us and then other things God will fan into flame, like our gifts, callings and anointing. ( 2 Tim 1:5)

We cannot do any of this without the faith of Christ or else it just becomes another work of the flesh.

It’s time to consecrate our lives again in humility and purity and allow God to fill our empty vessels with his power and his glory. He wants us to continue moving forward and not accepting the status quote and the spiritual temperature in the nation but to plead to go for God’s mercy and for him to intervene and to light the sacrifice I have a life with fire

Our sense of peace, joy and fulfillment is being challenged. But in HIM (Christ alone, as the song goes, cornerstone) we will find strength, grace and joy unspeakable,


Repentance, humility, returning to first love and allowing his first love to fill our hearts again.

Fresh in filling and importation of faith and fire.

Returning to our mantle of carriers of the presence and fire of God… and to our call as a local church for the region and nations.


With so much looming in the atmosphere and the spirit of darkness showing up in so many different angles and so many different ways, we are sitting on a year that will be a transformative year. One is marked with opportunities, positioning, and breakthrough, but it all starts with saying yes. Say Yes to the next moment.

I have got such a clear vision on New Year’s Eve of an endless long canyon that dropped thousands and thousands of feet. On one side was humanity and on the other side were these little small metal holes floating in the air. As the day would go on, people would show up to the edge of the canyon and throw their thread in the wind in hopes of caring to the other side and going through the “eye of the needle.” They would fall on their knees, hoping and hoping, but nothing would change the outcome. The majority of threads would carry 4 inches or feet and then drop or disappear as gusts of wind would strengthen. However, there were some people that would throw their thread into the wind, and somehow someway it would carry through the absolute right wind pattern to go through the very thin metal holes at the other end. I don’t know about you but getting a thread to go through the eye of a needle is a very daunting and near-impossible task for me. Throwing a thread from one end of a Canyon and allowing an element to do the work is even more remarkably impossible. However, what I feel like the Lord is saying is we need to step up to the canyon. Say, Yes, to something that looks like an impossible task, goal, or situation. You may be faced with the impossible right now. Step up to the canyon (place), throw your thread (dream/goal/problem) into the wind (God), let God take it in the right channel, and do the impossible.

You see, in the vision, most people were standing away from the canyon because they were afraid of falling or afraid to throw their thread and it falling down. Eventually, the thread got tangled and was unusable. But the ones that said yes and threw it in confidence and believed that God would carry it through didn’t even look to see if the thread made it through the hole. They threw the thread and went from hoping to expecting that He would carry it through this whole and for the dream and for that situation to quickly change from what it is to what it’s about to be and that is a way to the other side, a solution to the problem, or a dream made possible. We are living in the greatest moment of view of human history. We have an opportunity to say yes at a time that the world is saying no. We have an opportunity when everyone is most vulnerable to show what God can do. I believe God is about to give a fresh burst of wind that will catapult some Christians on a fast pace two extraordinary leadership, extraordinary wealth, extraordinary influence, extraordinary favor because of listening to His voice. Make listening to His voice your full-time job this season. It could be the best investment and gift you give your family for generations to come. It will open doors that will leap you 20 years forward. The rules have changed. Future normal is present. God is looking for people in 2021 that will say yes to His calling for your life.

Praying for the next level heaven encounters for you, your family, business, and community. Come JESUS in every area of our lives!!! 2021 is a year for one more. One more miracle JESUS, one more breakthrough JESUS, one more Divine appointment JESUS, one more _________!!!! We say yes to you, Lord.

Proverbs 16:3 – Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans

Philippians 1:6 – Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.