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Ignited is a great place for students, aged 12 - 18, to connect with the Father and grow in the revelation of their identity in Him. It’s an incredible community built on fun games, passionate worship, and personal mentorship. We meet every Wednesday @ 7pm.

Loving God means loving me

Arianna George

As a young child, I believed self-love was narcissism, and therefore a sin. I was ashamed of my mind, body and spirit and convinced that this made me humble and Christ-like. Throughout my years at Ignited I’ve had multiple encounters with my Heavenly Father, which have brought me to where I am today. He has shown me the difference between narcissism and self-love. He said, “The narcissist is obsessively involved with one’s self because underneath all that obsession lies fear and uncertainty. Self-love is opposite of that.” Because my God is a God of love, I am a human being of love. I’ve learned that loving God means loving all His children…including myself.

Aaron & Jess


Aaron and Jess are the Youth Pastors. They are passionate to see a generation of young people fired up for Jesus, who know who they are, and are living a life full of radical purpose. They both also have a heart for the nations and showing the love of the Father to the poor, the broken, and the lost. Aaron also pastors the Worship team.

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Ignited YouthWednesdays at 7:00 pm Learning the truth about God, us and joy.  
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