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Walking in Faith - 10/15/2017

10/26/2017 11am: Murray Smith

Murray Smith teaches how we have access to receive the same faith as the apostles and the same faith as Jesus Christ.

Murray and Ash moved to Raleigh in August 2009 from Sydney, Australia, with their 4 gorgeous globe-trotting daughters and their dog. And yes, one of them does bear a striking resemblance to someone else on the team! They have a passion for the church and they love seeing people of all ages walk in their identity, calling and destiny in Jesus. Murray is the lead pastor. Together, he and Ash lead the church, modeling how to live out of joy. Prior to moving to Raleigh Murray spent 14 years working for KPMG, a global accounting and advisory firm.

Recent Teachings

7/28/2019 Who am I? What am I called to? Jonathan Schunker traces the early accounts of Jesus’ baptism weaving Jonathan Schunker
7/21/2019 Identity Theft J.T.
7/14/2019 Living in Joy Murray Smith
6/23/2019 The Glory of the Mundane Jonathan Schunker
6/16/2019 All Men Die, but not All Men Truly Live Sean Feucht


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Selected Teachings Archive

7/28/2019 Who am I? What am I called to? Jonathan Schunker traces the early accounts of Jesus’ baptism weaving Jonathan Schunker
7/21/2019 Identity Theft J.T.
7/14/2019 Living in Joy Murray Smith
6/23/2019 The Glory of the Mundane Jonathan Schunker
6/16/2019 All Men Die, but not All Men Truly Live Sean Feucht
6/09/2019 Pentecost Sunday: Unity through the Spirit Murray Smith
6/02/2019 The Mindset for Revival and Reformation Patricia Bootsma
5/26/2019 Stewarding Our Treasure Duncan Smith
5/19/2019 Jesus the Ultimate Transformer Murray Smith
5/12/2019 Jesus The Ruler Murray Smith
5/05/2019 Jesus: The Reconciler or The Tale of Two Trees J.T.
4/21/2019 Three Weddings and a Funeral Jonathan Schunker
4/11/2019 The Glorious Process of Sanctification. 04 07 2019 Tom Allsop
3/31/2019 The Kingdom of God is Here! 03 31 2019 Murray Smith
3/17/2019 The Glory of Confinement 03 17 2019 Duncan Smith
3/10/2019 Transformers 03 10 2019 Murray Smith
3/03/2019 03 03 2019 - Living A Dream Duncan Smith
2/19/2019 02 17 2019 - Grace to Get Unstuck Murray Smith
1/13/2019 Encountering God in His Transforming Presence Duncan Smith
1/06/2019 Prophetic Promises for 2019 Murray Smith
12/16/2018 Saved and Set Free thru Grace Jess Ninaber
12/02/2018 The Power of Repentance Murray Smith
11/26/2018 River of God Part 1: Healing Duncan Smith
11/25/2018 The River of God Pt 2 Duncan Smith
11/11/2018 The Cry that Stops Jesus Ken Gott
11/04/2018 Love Your Enemies J.T.
10/28/2018 The Evangelism of Love Curtis Hinds
10/21/2018 Working from Rest Jonathan Schunker
10/16/2018 The Transfiguration - 10/07/2018 Murray Smith
9/30/2018 Pressing in for the Glory - 09/30/2018 Murray Smith
9/23/2018 Coming out of the Cave: Breaking Loneliness, Hopelessness & Anxiety Marc Dupont
9/16/2018 Cultivating a Lifestyle of Forgiveness or Forgiving from the Heart Ash Smith
9/09/2018 Leaving Ungodly Comparisons at the Door J.T.
9/02/2018 The Hidden Hero of the Church of Antioch Jonathan Schunker
8/26/2018 Unity by celebrated Diversity Duncan Smith
8/19/2018 Resolving Conflict Murray Smith
7/30/2018 07 22 2018 Jacob & Carolyn Murphy
7/23/2018 07 15 2018 J.T.
7/09/2018 07 08 2018 Jonathan Schunker
7/09/2018 07 01 2918 Murray Smith
6/26/2018 06 24 2018 Ash Smith
6/21/2018 06 10 2018 Duncan Smith
6/21/2018 O6 03 2018 Stu and Chloe Glassborow
6/21/2018 O5 27 2018 Jonathan Schunker
5/21/2018 Kate Smith Kate Smith
5/15/2018 Murry Smith - 05 13 2018 Murray Smith
5/07/2018 Murray Smith - 04 29 2018 Murray Smith
5/03/2018 Heidi Baker -  ​04 15 2018 Heidi Baker
5/03/2018 Ash Smith - ​04 08 2018 Ash Smith
5/03/2018 Ericka James - ​03 28 2018 Ericka James
3/27/2018 The BEAUTY OF ORGANIZED CHURCH - 03/18/2018 Duncan Smith
3/05/2018 The Presence of God - 03/04/2018 Murray Smith
2/26/2018 David Bradshaw - 02/25/2018 David Bradshaw David Bradshaw
2/20/2018 Being a Dwelling Place for God’s Presence - 02/18/2018 Duncan Smith How to live as God’s very dwelling place on earth
2/20/2018 Authority and Power in Christ - 02/11/2018 Murray Smith How to walk in the fullness of the authority and power Jesus died for
2/08/2018 We Are One With Christ - 02/04/2018 Murray Smith
2/08/2018 John Edwards - 01/28/2018 John Edwards John Edwards
2/08/2018 We Are Christians - 01/21/2-18 Murray Smith Today Is The Day Of Salvation
1/16/2018 His image is our image - 1/14/18 Aaron & Jacqui God is restoring dignity
1/16/2018 The Promises of God - 01/07/18 Kate Smith The Word of the Lord is Living
1/09/2018 What is your faith in? - 12/31/17 Duncan Smith Justice or Mercy
12/18/2017 Born to Rule the World - 12/17/17 Duncan Smith Inheritance
12/18/2017 How Big is your Ask? - 12/10/17 Murray Smith What are you believing God for?
12/18/2017 Speak Life and Truth - 12/3/17 Murray Smith Power in our words
12/05/2017 We are Supernatural Beings - 11/26/2017 Duncan Smith The Power of Choice
12/05/2017 Living Water -  11/19/2017 Duncan Smith Identity crisis
11/15/2017 The power to create or the power to destroy - 11/12/2017 Ash Smith When we speak out the word of God it is powerful
11/09/2017 Being Spiritually Hungry - 11/5/2017 Murray Smith Pursuit is the evidence of desire
11/09/2017 Being Transformed by the Truth - 10/29/2017 Murray Smith Reconciling the Cosmos
11/01/2017 God’s Big But - 10/22/2017 Jonathan Schunker You Are Called
10/26/2017 Walking in Faith - 10/15/2017 Murray Smith His righteousness has become our righteousness
10/26/2017 The Fathers love to you, in you and through you - 10/08/2017 Duncan Smith Jesus made a way to place us in Him
10/26/2017 John Jacobs - 10/01/2017 John Jacobs
10/26/2017 God - the multi-generational God - 09/24/2017 Duncan Smith 9th Anniversary of Catch The Fire Raleigh
10/04/2017 Marc Dupont - 09/17/2017 Marc Dupont Marc Dupont
10/04/2017 Dress For Battle Part 2 - 09/10/2017 Ash Smith Part 2
9/19/2017 Dress for battle - 09/03/2017 Murray Smith Part 1
9/05/2017 Allan and Nancy Smith - 08/27/2017 Allan and Nancy Smith
8/23/2017 Faith That Moves God - 08/20/2017 J.T. Faith that can change the course of history and moves God into action
8/17/2017 Blessing and Multiplication - 08/13/2017 Kate Smith God wants to bless you and multiply you
8/09/2017 Beyond Gate Beautiful - 08/06/2017 Duncan Smith What I Have I Give You
8/09/2017 Shame or Fame? - 07/30/2017 Duncan Smith The Story of Mephibosheth
7/24/2017 Michael Brodeur - 07/23/2017 Michael Brodeur Michael Brodeur
7/24/2017 We do mircales - 07/16/2017 Duncan Smith This Is Us
7/24/2017 We are Sons and Daughters - 07/09/2017 Aaron & Jacqui This Is Us
7/06/2017 We are missional - 07/02/2017 Carlos This Is Us
6/29/2017 We are Generous - 06/25/2017 Ash Smith This Is Us
6/21/2017 We love our cities - 06/18/2017 Murray Smith This Is Us
6/21/2017 We are creative - 06/11/2017 Murray Smith This Is Us
6/21/2017 We are servants who love - 06/04/2017 Kate Smith This Is Us
6/21/2017 We are Revival - 05/28/2017 Duncan Smith This Is Us
6/21/2017 We are passionate worshippers - 05/21/2017 Carlos This Is Us
6/21/2017 We are joyful - 05/14/2017 Ash Smith
5/11/2017 Steve Long - 05/07/2017 Steve Long
5/03/2017 We Love the Holy Spirit - 04/30/2017 Murray Smith This Is Us
4/27/2017 David Wagner David Wagner
4/19/2017 Surely Carlos Easter Sunday
4/18/2017 Family on Mission Jonathan Schunker This Is Us
4/04/2017 Justice Paul Newby Justice Paul Newby
4/04/2017 Real People, Real Prayer Jonathan Schunker
3/23/2017 Joyful Prayer Murray Smith Choosing joy in the midst of sorrow
3/15/2017 Praying through disappointment Carlos God's not afraid of your darkness
3/08/2017 God’s Blank Checks…Praying in Agreement Murray Smith Joining as one to believe for His Goodness
3/02/2017 God’s Blank Cheques Duncan Smith Faith is the currency of heaven
3/02/2017 Michael Finnon Michael Finnon
2/15/2017 Dan Slade Dan Slade
2/08/2017 The Fuel for Mission Duncan Smith How to stay fueled for carrying out His work
1/31/2017 Rev Phil Warren Rev Phil Warren
1/24/2017 Be Strong and Courageous. Ash Smith Walking out His vision for your life
1/17/2017 Valuing Contribution over Performance Kate Smith Each of us have a place and an opportunity
1/09/2017 Have another drink Murray Smith Not by might, not by power but by His Spirit
12/22/2016 Jesus the Glory of God Murray Smith Created to cary His Glory
12/19/2016 The Word Made Flesh Duncan Smith Maturing in Oneness
12/06/2016 You - The Living Headquarters of the Trinity Duncan Smith Oneness with Christ
12/06/2016 Living in the promises of God Murray Smith God's promises to us are yes and amen
11/22/2016 Shara and Danny Chalmers Shara and Danny Chalmers
11/15/2016 Created for His Purpose J.T. Discovering God's unique call for your life
11/08/2016 The Spirit of Adoption Duncan Smith Jesus living His life through us
11/07/2016 We are History Makers Kate Smith Establishing His Government, Throne and Kingdom Here on Earth
10/26/2016 The Gospel In Chairs Carlos Two views of the Gospel from two chairs.
10/17/2016 The God who kneels Murray Smith Speaking blessing over our city, state, nation and lives.
10/13/2016 Keys to living in abundance Duncan Smith The joy of returning the tithe, sowing, giving and lending.
10/11/2016 Stu and Chloe Glassborow Stu and Chloe Glassborow Stu and Chloe Glassborow
10/11/2016 Walking in the counsel of God Murray Smith Our inheritance is hearing the voice of God in every circumstance of our lives.
9/20/2016 Growing up in Salvation Jonathan Schunker The cross is a doorway, not a finishline.
9/15/2016 Walking in Humility Duncan Smith A reminder from the life of King Uzziah to not become proud.
9/14/2016 Surprise Sithole Surprise Sithole
8/30/2016 Dr Ed Silvoso Dr Ed Silvoso
8/30/2016 Reconciling the Sexes Ash Smith Ash Smith teaches on reconciling men and women
8/30/2016 Reconciled to our Heavenly Father Carlos A powerful revelation of being reconciled to our Heavenly Father, from Luke 15
8/08/2016 Reconciling Men and Women Aaron & Jacqui
8/08/2016 Reconciling Government Don Long Knowing your identity is the key to bringing transformation to our government
7/27/2016 Marc Dupont Marc Dupont
7/19/2016 Reconciled to our Joyful Identity Murray Smith Murray Smith shares some personal stories and great wisdom for learning to live in joy.
7/12/2016 Reconciling Races Carlos Continuing our series on reconciliation, Carlos brings a powerful and very timely message on reconciling races.
7/05/2016 Aled Griffith Aled Griffith
7/05/2016 Reconciling Humanity Jonathan Schunker The power that reconciling humanity can have to bring the gospel and transform a culture.
6/21/2016 Reconciled With Yourself Murray Smith What would your life look like if you stopped listening to your negative head noise?
6/09/2016 Reconciled to Work Duncan Smith This is a great reminder and invitation from Duncan to honor the work God has given us. To walk in a Kingdom perspective.
5/26/2016 Reconciling Marriage Carlos Listen as Carlos shares his journey of brokenness and reconciliation in his marriage in this honest and hopeful message.
5/25/2016 Reconciling Relationships Carlos Carlos shares the story of the ministry of reconciliation in Central Prison, Raleigh and the invitation for us to do the same.
5/08/2016 Mother’s Day Healing Ash Smith Ash Smith leads a beautiful time of honor and healing during our Mother's Day Sunday meeting.
5/04/2016 Keys To The Greater Works Murray Smith Jesus is the King. We are the donkeys. It's time to take a ride!
4/12/2016 Help! It’s an Emergency Duncan Smith God can only give the best... What are you expecting?
4/11/2016 Holiness in the Holy Spirit Murray Smith The power of the Holy Spirit sets us up for purity and integrity.
3/30/2016 From Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday Carlos Jesus died for us on Good Friday so we would rise in Him on Resurrection Sunday.
3/23/2016 The Walls Come down J.T. JT invites us to a supernatural lifestyle and shares his personal journey of encountering the God who brings the walls down.
2/22/2016 The Power of Thankfulness Kate Smith Kate Smith shares a powerful reminder of walking in gratitude through every season of change.
2/15/2016 The Year of the Lord’s Favor Carlos Carlos shares a passionate message of embracing the journey of Jesus to walk in God's favor for the sake of others.
2/03/2016 Spread Out, Think Big! Ash Smith Ash shares about the joys (and pains) of growth. Trust God, stretch out and join the family business.
1/26/2016 A Hope and a Future Murray Smith Listen to this exciting invitation to trust the Father for great things. #Shalom
1/07/2016 Designed to Reign Duncan Smith Remember your sonship. The greatness of your design.
12/21/2015 The Fire of God Alio Boube After being commissioned to Catch the Fire Niger, Alio Boube shares on keeping the fire burning and trusting God for big dreams.
12/15/2015 Yours is the Kingdom Carlos Carlos finishes The Lord's Prayer teaching series with a passionate invitation to focus on what God is doing right now.
12/15/2015 Free us from temptation and deliver us from evil Murray Smith Lead pastor Murray shares about hope during temptation and victory over the evil one.
11/25/2015 Forgive us, as we forgive others Ash Smith Our lead pastor shares a vulnerable invitation to walk in forgiveness from the heart. Listen, pray and be set free.
11/23/2015 The River of God Paul Manwaring Paul shares an incredible word on the river of God and our place in the coming Renaissance, Revival and Reformation era.
11/23/2015 Gives Us Today Our Daily Bread Jonathan Schunker Jonathan reminds us of our place in the timeline of God and our invitation to trust in the provision of good Father.
11/05/2015 Your Will Be Done Carlos Listen to this timely invitation to surrender our will for God (and to God).
10/28/2015 Your Kingdom Come Murray Smith Murray reminds us of God's rule and power and creates an expectation for that reality to be seen in our lives today.
10/27/2015 Hallowed Be You Name Carlos Carlos shares the revelation of God's work to make His name holy.
10/19/2015 Our Father In Heaven Murray Smith Understanding the revelation of the Father's Heart in the opening line of the Lord's Prayer
10/07/2015 Yield Stuart and Lynley Allan The Allan's share a prophetic word for the church and a direct invitation to yield to God's river and work in our lives.
9/30/2015 The Prodigal Son Jonathan Schunker Listen to our connections pastor as he takes us through his own journey of discovery.
9/22/2015 Overshadowed by the Holy Spirit Stu and Chloe Glassborow When overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, all it takes is for us to reach one person, and then we can win the world.
9/22/2015 Hold on to His Dream Stu and Chloe Glassborow An incredible invitation to hold on to the dreams of God. Listen to Hope!
9/17/2015 What is God Up To? Duncan Smith Enter into rest during this season of new beginnings and change.
9/10/2015 The Supernatural Body Murray Smith Lead pastor Murray leads us in to a time of healing and then encourages us to pursue the community and the Kingdom.
9/10/2015 Finding Peace Ash Smith Lead Pastor Ash Smith share a vulnerable and powerful invitation to enter into the rest and the peace of Jesus.
8/20/2015 Our World, His Kingdom Aaron & Jacqui Understanding and Experiencing the Connection
8/10/2015 Stop Working For Money Duncan Smith Learn the System of the Kingdom
8/05/2015 When God Answers the “Why?” J.T. JT shares God's desires to speak to you during your "Why?" moments.
8/03/2015 Kings and Priests Murray Smith In Christ Jesus we are rulers and servants.
7/23/2015 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Jonathan Schunker The appropriated response to God's love
7/14/2015 No matter what, we worship! Murray Smith Set your eyes on Jesus and sing songs of love, celebration and hope.
7/08/2015 Insurrection vs. Resurrection Aaron & Jacqui An invitation to let go.
7/06/2015 Loving Your City Marc Dupont Marc dupont shares the invitation of loving our city into revival.
6/10/2015 Confident Assurance Murray Smith Grow in confidence, trust and walking in true sonship.
5/31/2015 God Seasons Kate Smith Change your perspective and see every season through the eyes of God.
5/17/2015 The Gospel Jonathan Schunker It will transform you. It humbles us out of our pride, and re-orients you.
5/10/2015 Your Dreams, His Comfort Follow your dreams and trust God with hope!
4/26/2015 Tony & Ursula Wastall Tony & Ursula Wastall Live out the move of God in our lives
4/19/2015 How to Make a Disney Movie Troy Buder A powerful testimony of the faithfulness of God to work all things together for our good
4/12/2015 Generational Change J.T. A testimony from Kenya and a challenge to change the world
4/07/2015 Overcoming Disappointment Duncan Smith Overcoming disappointment and discouragement.
4/02/2015 The Lion and the Lamb Murray Smith He is mighty, humble and alive... and you are one with Him!
3/01/2015 Overcoming Hurt Ash Smith Ash Smith shares on overcoming hurt and pain.
2/09/2015 Overcoming Sin Murray Smith Dealing with sin and overcoming temptation
2/02/2015 Overcoming Adversity John and Carol Arnott an incredible invitation to pursue God’s glory and trust the process of surrender
1/04/2015 Be Generous Towards God Duncan Smith Return - Sow - Give - Lend. Hear the call and experience the joy.
7/20/2014 Embrace Transition Carlos Hold on to Jesus the Anchor. And trust God in change.

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