Teaching Series

We are taking a few weeks to focus our teaching on Prayer and Fasting, building our faith for all God has in store for us.

The Prayer Series

Feb 5th - April 2nd

The Fuel for Mission

Duncan Smith shares on how we can remain fueled for the mission He has called us to, through worship and seeking His face.

Duncan Smith: The Fuel for Mission 2/08/2017 Dan Slade: Dan Slade 2/15/2017 Michael Finnon: Michael Finnon 3/02/2017 Duncan Smith: God’s Blank Cheques 3/02/2017 Murray Smith: God’s Blank Checks…Praying in Agreement 3/08/2017 Carlos: Praying through disappointment 3/15/2017 Murray Smith: Joyful Prayer 3/23/2017 Jonathan Schunker: Real People, Real Prayer 4/04/2017