Teaching Series

Incredible teaching series with a focus on restoration, reconciliation and the transformation of all things. We are so excited for everything that God has empowered us to do in the ministry of reconciliation, especially between the races, the sexes, families and the nations.

The Ministry of Reconciliation

May - June 2016

Reconciling Relationships

Carlos shares the story of taking the ministry of reconciliation to Central Prison in Raleigh and the incredible opportunity we all have to restore the broken relationships in our families.

Carlos: Reconciling Relationships 5/25/2016 Carlos: Reconciling Marriage 5/26/2016 Duncan Smith: Reconciled to Work 6/09/2016 Jonathan Schunker: Reconciling Humanity 7/05/2016 Aled Griffith: Aled Griffith 7/05/2016 Carlos: Reconciling Races 7/12/2016 Murray Smith: Reconciled to our Joyful Identity 7/19/2016 Marc Dupont: Marc Dupont 7/27/2016 Don Long: Reconciling Government 8/08/2016 Aaron & Jacqui: Reconciling Men and Women 8/08/2016 Carlos: Reconciled to our Heavenly Father 8/30/2016 Ash Smith: Reconciling the Sexes 8/30/2016