Teaching Series

This Is Us

April 9th - June 25th

This Is Us. Our values, our vision, our culture, who we are.

The Prayer Series

Feb 5th - April 2nd

We are taking a few weeks to focus our teaching on Prayer and Fasting, building our faith for all God has in store for us.

The Ministry of Reconciliation

May - June 2016

Incredible teaching series with a focus on restoration, reconciliation and the transformation of all things. We are so excited for everything that God has empowered us to do in the ministry of reconciliation, especially between the races, the sexes, families and the nations.

The Lord’s Prayer

October - November 2015

Diving deep into the revelation of sonship that is available in the Lord’s Prayer.

The Overcomers

February 2nd - April 7th, 2015

​A teaching series on overcoming sin, failure, delay, temptation, complacency and darkness