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Jesus the Ultimate Transformer

5/19/2019 Murray Smith

What does it mean for us to be included in the rule and reign of Jesus? Why is Jesus the name above every name. Murray Smith continues our series looking at transformers of the Bible by examining the ultimate transformer—Jesus Christ. Breaking down Acts 3-4 when Peter and John witnessed a miracle more powerful than gold and silver at the pool of Bethesda, Murray exhorts us to step into the rulership of Jesus.

Scriptures: 2 Kings 13:18, Isaiah 45, Ezekiel 37, Phil 2, Eph 2:6, Acts 3-4, John 14:23, Mark 16:7

Murray and Ash moved to Raleigh in August 2009 from Sydney, Australia, with their 4 gorgeous globe-trotting daughters and their dog. And yes, one of them does bear a striking resemblance to someone else on the team! They have a passion for the church and they love seeing people of all ages walk in their identity, calling and destiny in Jesus. Murray is the lead pastor. Together, he and Ash lead the church, modeling how to live out of joy. Prior to moving to Raleigh Murray spent 14 years working for KPMG, a global accounting and advisory firm.

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