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Kate Smith

5/21/2018 Kate Smith

05 20 2018

Kate Smith carries the Fire of God’s love and power all over the world. Kate Smith shares the role of lead pastor at the Catch the Fire Raleigh and the Catch The Fire School of Revival in Raleigh, North Carolina, a vibrant community of radical lovers of Jesus. Wherever Duncan and Kate go, the Holy Spirit does extraordinary miracles as the love of the Father and the grace of Jesus are poured out to the world. Kate ministers powerfully on The Nurturing Heart of God, The Father’s Love, Healing of Life’s Hurts, Deliverance, Intimacy With God, Raising and Releasing Leaders and The Supernatural Kingdom.

Kate's Archive

5/21/2018 Kate Smith
1/16/2018 The Promises of God - 01/07/18 The Word of the Lord is Living
8/17/2017 Blessing and Multiplication - 08/13/2017 God wants to bless you and multiply you
6/21/2017 We are servants who love - 06/04/2017 From This Is Us Series This Is Us
1/17/2017 Valuing Contribution over Performance Each of us have a place and an opportunity
11/07/2016 We are History Makers Establishing His Government, Throne and Kingdom Here on Earth
2/22/2016 The Power of Thankfulness Kate Smith shares a powerful reminder of walking in gratitude through every season of change.
5/31/2015 God Seasons Change your perspective and see every season through the eyes of God.

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