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07 15 2018

7/23/2018 J.T.

​07 15 2018

JT is the Executive Director of Catch The Fire. Prior to his role with Catch The Fire, JT was a trial attorney specializing in defending health care professionals in medical malpractice lawsuits. JT and his wife Cathy encountered the Father’s Love in 2008 and have never been the same. Their journey has been one of discovering the Father and who they are in Christ. They are passionate about living supernatural lives, sharing the love of the Father, and partnering with the Holy Spirit in equipping and releasing His Presence and Glory. They have four amazing children and reside in Raleigh, NC.

J.T.'s Archive

7/23/2018 07 15 2018
8/23/2017 Faith That Moves God - 08/20/2017 Faith that can change the course of history and moves God into action
11/15/2016 Created for His Purpose Discovering God's unique call for your life
3/23/2016 The Walls Come down JT invites us to a supernatural lifestyle and shares his personal journey of encountering the God who brings the walls down.
8/05/2015 When God Answers the “Why?” JT shares God's desires to speak to you during your "Why?" moments.
4/12/2015 Generational Change A testimony from Kenya and a challenge to change the world

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