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Three Weddings and a Funeral

4/21/2019 Jonathan Schunker

The Bible begins and ends with a wedding—from the Garden of Eden to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, as Jesus laid down His life to purchase us and return for His Bride and prize! Jonathan Schunker breaks down Jesus’ first miracle in John 2 to break down why Jesus choose to perform His first miracle at a wedding when He changed water to wine at the wedding Feast at Cana. This Easter Sunday message will help you to understand the nature of our joyful, miracle-working Jesus and usher us into greater joy, as we become fully satisfied in Jesus.

Scriptures: John 2, Genesis 1-3, 1 Peter, John 14,

Jonathan and his wife Hendria are excited about the local church and love to see people connecting and being in family with one another. Hailing from Canada, they carry a blazing passion to help build the church and bring about fruitfulness. They love speaking into people’s lives, and calling out the destiny and future that God has for them.

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