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We are Supernatural Beings - 11/26/2017

12/05/2017 Duncan Smith

John 3:16 For God so loved the world he gave his only son for robots…...... this is not the truth. The truth is he gave his life for humans. Humans have a choice to Choose God or not to choose him.

Duncan Smith is a revivalist who carries the fire of God’s love and power all over the world. Originally from the UK, he is founding leader of Catch the Fire World, an international family of revival churches, missions and ministries, birthed out of the Toronto Revival. He is Senior Leader of Catch the Fire Raleigh, a vibrant, growing church in North Carolina. He also loves extreme missions among the unreached peoples of he world. He lives with his family in Raleigh.

Duncan's Archive

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6/09/2016 Reconciled to Work From The Ministry of Reconciliation Series This is a great reminder and invitation from Duncan to honor the work God has given us. To walk in a Kingdom perspective.
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1/07/2016 Designed to Reign Remember your sonship. The greatness of your design.
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8/10/2015 Stop Working For Money Learn the System of the Kingdom
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1/04/2015 Be Generous Towards God Return - Sow - Give - Lend. Hear the call and experience the joy.

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