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The Evangelism of Love

10/28/2018 Curtis Hinds

Rodney Howard-Brown once said, “Do you want to have revival? Than, have it!” How do we reach the lost? Catch the Fire World pastor of evangelism and outreach Curtis Hinds delivers a compelling and convincing message that the number one message on God’s heart is to make disciples of all nations, as the souls of men are eternal! Only 1-2% of people are in church because someone preached at them. 98% of people are in church today because people took a step into them - rather than away from them. Curtis encourages us not to assault people with theology or preach at them, but rather connect with people one on one to win them into the kingdom!

Like you, Speaker, and Evangelist Curtis Hinds has seen an ever growing hunger to see more of Jesus, and more of Him influencing our World.

With over two decades of local church, coaching, speaking, and most importantly real-life, in-the-trenches relationships with Pastors and Leaders, his views are born out of ‘being in their shoes’. Curtis appreciates and shares with people that the world is changing moment-to-moment and we have to embrace those changes while not allowing the message of the gospel to do the same.

Curtis has the ability to stir up gifts, talents and dreams in leaders and in the people they lead. He is known for his practical, street level style; His fusion of real-life stories and his conversational techniques connect with his audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Curtis has travelled to over twenty four different nations sharing the reality of Christ and His love for all people.

Since 2009, Curtis has served as the Spiritual Support and Care Coordinator for the third largest Police force in Canada, Peel Regional Police. He founded social change initiatives in the nation of Brazil. He has a wealth of training and experience helping and encouraging extraordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

Curtis and Debbie are presently the Pastors of Evangelism & Outreach for Catch the Fire Toronto, and Canada. They have 3 children, Richard, Kara, and Deelan, and are all actively part of church life.

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10/28/2018 The Evangelism of Love

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