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We are missional - 07/02/2017

7/06/2017 Carlos

Carlos Rodriguez shares on how we are missional.

Carlos is an Evangelist that is passionate about reaching the world with the Father’s love. He is the author of two published books and is Chief Editor at He also serves as director of Catch the Fire Latin America. He is a provocative preacher, traveling for the gospel. Carlos and his wife, Catherine, have two gorgeous boys and are awaiting a baby girl through adoption.

Carlos's Archive

7/06/2017 We are missional - 07/02/2017 From This Is Us Series This Is Us
6/21/2017 We are passionate worshippers - 05/21/2017 From This Is Us Series This Is Us
4/19/2017 Surely Easter Sunday
3/15/2017 Praying through disappointment From The Prayer Series Series God's not afraid of your darkness
10/26/2016 The Gospel In Chairs Two views of the Gospel from two chairs.
8/30/2016 Reconciled to our Heavenly Father From The Ministry of Reconciliation Series Carlos Rodriguez, through Luke 15, shares a powerful revelation of being reconciled to our heavenly father.
7/12/2016 Reconciling Races From The Ministry of Reconciliation Series Continuing our series on reconciliation, Carlos brings a powerful and very timely message on reconciling races.
5/26/2016 Reconciling Marriage From The Ministry of Reconciliation Series Listen as Carlos shares his journey of brokenness and reconciliation in his marriage in this honest and hopeful message.
5/25/2016 Reconciling Relationships From The Ministry of Reconciliation Series Carlos shares the story of the ministry of reconciliation in Central Prison, Raleigh and the invitation for us to do the same.
3/30/2016 From Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday Jesus died for us on Good Friday so we would rise in Him on Resurrection Sunday.
2/15/2016 The Year of the Lord’s Favor Carlos shares a passionate message of embracing the journey of Jesus to walk in God's favor for the sake of others.
12/15/2015 Yours is the Kingdom From The Lord’s Prayer Series Carlos finishes The Lord's Prayer teaching series with a passionate invitation to focus on what God is doing right now.
11/05/2015 Your Will Be Done From The Lord’s Prayer Series Listen to this timely invitation to surrender our will for God (and to God).
10/27/2015 Hallowed Be You Name From The Lord’s Prayer Series Carlos shares the revelation of God's work to make His name holy.
7/20/2014 Embrace Transition Hold on to Jesus the Anchor. And trust God in change.

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