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Your Dreams, His Comfort

5/10/2015 Adam Walton

Adam Walton shares an incredible invitation to follow your dreams and trust God with hope. Break our of your routine and start enjoying God’s comfort and pleasure.

The answer is “yes”... What’s the question?

Adam Walton and his wife Anna are a fiery couple with a love for people and the city of Raleigh. Adam hails from Orlando, FL and Anna from Asheville, NC. They’re passionate to see people of all ages encounter the love of God and desire to see the kingdom of God invade the earth. They have a brand new baby girl, a cat, and a love for all things NC. Prior to coming on staff full-time at Catch the Fire, Adam led the NCSU campus church CTF State for a number of years.

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5/10/2015 Your Dreams, His Comfort Follow your dreams and trust God with hope!

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