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Sunday Celebration Service 9:15am

Sunday Celebration Service 9:15am

9:15 am - 11:00am

Our Sunday morning Celebration Services are vibrant and sweet, inviting you into an encounter with the presence of God.

  • Worship: Connect with the Father however feels most comfortable to you. It’s an environment of freedom and passionate worship.
  • Announcements: Find out what’s coming up at church and in the community, and how you can be a part of it.
  • Offering: In leu of a dedicated time in the service, people who feel led to give can do so online or by dropping an envelope in a box near the rear of the sanctuary.
  • Teaching: Feast on a rich message from God to your heart, as one of our pastors shares from the Word.
  • Ministry Time: Respond to what God is doing and receive prayer from our team.

No service looks quite the same because we believe that God isn’t so much about method as He is about meeting us where we are. We tune into what He’s doing and go with the flow. Occasionally, we also have special services which include Communion, Baptisms, Baby Dedications, and more.

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