Life on Fire

Learn how to live through the Father's Love

Life on Fire

Life on Fire is a place to get connected with who the Father says you are. Each one of us has a calling, but it needs to be rooted in our Godly identity first. Learn more about your Heavenly Daddy's identity for you.

We all carry a leadership role in some area of our life. John Maxwell defines leadership as influence. You may have influence with your family, in your workplace or with friends. Knowing that everyone is called to influence others, we believe that we truly become the best leaders, parents, spouses, friends, co-workers, children and/or siblings when we grow in our intimacy and relationship with God. We will spend a lot of time talking about the Love of God the Father, our Communion with the Holy Spirit and our Oneness with Jesus. This group will help you lead from a place of connection with the Trinity.

Jonathan Schunker

Jonathan and his wife Hendria are excited about the local church and love to see people connecting and being in family with one another. Hailing from Canada, they carry a blazing passion to help build the church and bring about fruitfulness. They love speaking into people's lives, and calling out the destiny and future that God has for them.

Upcoming Events

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Burning RoomThursdays at 9:00 am Devotional Worship time located in the chapel.  
Starting Point February 4th, 7:00 - 11:59pm Connect with some of our pastors and leaders.  
IMMERSION WEEKENDFebruary 22nd - 23rd Sign up now and be amazed at how much God has for you.  

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